[Mailman-i18n] sync_members, list_members problem

Barry A. Warsaw barry@python.org
Mon Dec 2 16:23:10 2002

This is in reference to SF bug # 644005


When there are realnames of members with "funny" characters in them,
sync_members and list_members can throw UnicodeError exceptions
because it's trying to print strings with characters ord > 128.

I've implemented a fix to first sys.getdefaultencoding() and then
actually print ustr.encode(enc, 'replace') to stdout.  That fixed the
problem for me, but is it the right solution?

On a related note, and I know this has been discussed on python-dev,
is it really not possible to call sys.setdefaultencoding() anywhere in
Python except by hacking site.py?  PyUnicode_SetDefaultEncoding()
seems to only be exported to Python via sys, but that is deleted by
site.py after being called once.

This seems quite shortsighted (maybe I should raise this on
python-dev).  Say my terminal can handle iso-8859-1.  I'd like to be
able to set the default encoding to that somewhere that user-specific,
say PYTHONSTARTUP if I'm running interactively.  But that seems
impossible, and I don't think hacking site.py is the appropriate
response.  What if someone else at my site uses a different terminal
that can't print iso-8859-1?


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