[Mailman-i18n] Re: Polish translation.

Barry A. Warsaw barry at zope.com
Wed Dec 18 08:32:58 EST 2002

>>>>> "MS" == Marcin Sochacki <wanted@mwd.pl> writes:

    MS> Polish translation is currently frozen as nobody had time to
    MS> finish it.  I've done about 40% of strings. I'll send you the
    MS> details privately.

Guys, it would be awesome (from a somewhat personal perspective ;) to
have Polish support in MM2.1 final.  That's approaching very rapidly.

Please try to decide whether incomplete support is better than no
support.  If it is, send me what you have asap and I'll add it to the
distribution.  Don't wait until it's perfect.  There /will/ be MM2.1
patch releases and we can always improve the Polish translations in
future releases.


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