[Mailman-i18n] Galician translation.

Barry A. Warsaw barry at python.org
Mon Dec 23 11:36:55 EST 2002

>>>>> "F" == Fran  <fxvazquez@arrakis.es> writes:

    F> I'm a member of the "Trasno project" about galician translation
    F> of free software and documentation. Galician (galego) is a
    F> language spoken in the northwerstern of Spain (yes, where the
    F> Prestige petroleur submerged).

    F> Several days ago we started the job of translating mailman into
    F> galician coordinated by me. There are currently four people
    F> working in the translation, three "real" translators and a
    F> system administrator who started the job and mantains a mailman
    F> instalation to test the translations. We have just started to
    F> work, but I'm optimist and I think that we can finish soon. The
    F> objective is to finish before Mailman 2.1 final, and we are
    F> working hard to make it possible.

    F> Greets to everybody and specially to the catalan and spanish
    F> translation teams.

    F> Sincerely yours, Francisco Xosé Vázquez Grandal.

Cool, I look forward to it!

Please also send me entries for Defaults.py.in, and please make sure
the tarball you send me is unpackable in the top-level source

If you could include contact information for the main contributors, I
would also appreciate it.


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