[Mailman-i18n] Lithuanian translation

Barry A. Warsaw barry at python.org
Thu Dec 26 14:56:48 EST 2002

>>>>> "MK" == Mantas Kriauciunas <mantas at akl.lt> writes:

    MK> All errors except one is fixed. This is because lithuanian
    MK> language peculiarity.

    >> Also, may I request gzip instead of bz2, and please make the
    >> tarball from the top level directory; include both templates/lt
    >> and messages/lt.

    MK> Done. I'm attaching now in gzip format

Perfect.  I'm committing those changes now.

    MK> I modified Defaults.py and added this line:

    MK> add_language('lt', _('Lithuanian'), 'iso-8859-13')

Fixed, thanks (I was using iso-8859-4).

    MK> (messages.po is with the translation of the word 'Lithuanian'
    MK> too)

    | Bye,
    | Mantas

    MK> P.S. Mailman message archiving has many problems with
    MK> different charsets, because in Archives HTML pages all
    MK> messages should be in one charset, but users write e-mails in
    MK> different encodings (for example in Lithuania users write in
    MK> iso-8859-13, utf8 and windows-1257)

If the charsets are properly MIME specified, Mailman /should/ convert
everything to Unicode and then encode it in the charset of the
preferred language (in this case `lt' -> iso-8859-13).  There may be
peculiarties with utf-8, and I believe that Python 2.1 doesn't know
about the Windows charsets.

Try subscribing to the Playground list (now updated) and send some
samples through that are breaking the archiver.  I've set the list's
language to Lithuanian now, but it's running on Python 2.1.3.  I'm
upgrading mail.python.org to Python 2.2.2 now...



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