[Mailman-i18n] Not nice :(

Barry A. Warsaw barry at python.org
Mon Dec 30 11:50:54 EST 2002

>>>>> "DT" == Danny Terweij <danny at terweij.nl> writes:

    DT> I lost my translations. While i was editing i did got a huge
    DT> load on my box.  Only the reset button helped :( After
    DT> filesyscheck my translation file did corrupted. (and mor but
    DT> not important).


    DT> I must start over from current cvs.


    DT> So i do not think that Dutch (NL) language is finished at 2.1
    DT> final.

Bummer! :(

    DT> I did worked on it a few weeks now and it was almost done :(

    DT> I am sorry (and some kind of angry hihi)

    DT> Lets hope i can fix some fuzzy things before final. and
    DT> else... get the language files after release :)

I've no doubt there will be patch releases after 2.1 final, so we can
definitely update the language support then.  Feel free to send me
incremental updates as you go, so we can't lose as much work if the
crash happens again.

Alternatively, I can give you cvs access to simply commit Dutch
changes as you go.


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