[Mailman-i18n] Italian translation (is it complete?)

Daniel Buchmann db@bibsys.no
Sat, 05 Jan 2002 16:22:58 +0100

Mauro Cicognini wrote:
> I set Italian as the default language for the lists, and this is
> correct, too. However, although the italian translation seems complete,
> there are still some parts of the web pages that appear in English,
> like a paragraph or two here and there, and the rest of the page is
> in Italian.

This is probably because Simone Piunno has not yet submitted the latest
update of his italian translation. A few days ago (actually, New Year's
the .po file was merged with the newly generated .pot file, so many
translation entries became fuzzy and some were empty.
That's why the pages look partly translated.

> However, it looks like Simone Piunno (who did an excellent job of
> translation) actually completed his work, since the .po file is
> completely translated.
> Now, what am I missing? Does the template need to be completed, or
> revised? Or did Simone in fact skip something and I didn't notice it?

You will probably have to wait for Simone to update his work,
or better yet, maybe join him in his effort?

-Daniel, norwegian translator.