[Mailman-FR] Re: [Mailman-i18n] French translation

Fil fil@rezo.net
Sun, 6 Jan 2002 12:00:20 +0100

@ Barry A. Warsaw <barry@zope.com> :
> >>>>> "F" == Fil  <fil@rezo.net> writes:
>     F> I would add that the translation process is a bit
>     F> awkward. Aren't there tools such as online shared databases
>     F> that can be used to coordinate translations? I can commit some
>     F> translations and corrections once in a while, but the effort to
>     F> do when you have to proofread and correct everything is way too
>     F> high for the time I can spend on it.
> I'm all ears for suggestions of ways I can make the translation
> process easier.  I've been hoping we'd have more languages supported
> by now.  Part of this is my fault -- while we're in alpha, I do
> sometimes change templates and translatable strings.  But I'm trying
> to be judicious about that, and I'll get stricter once we go to beta.

No! I think you should be as free as possible to modify anything. The key
is not to be more stringent on your side, but to be more reactive on the
translator's side. And it's something difficult because the flow of
information on what's new/what sould be translated is not easy.

So here's a suggestion/dream of what would be a reactive translation tool.

* I'd like to see an online database, in which each item to be translated
would be linked to all its translation in all "idioms"

* of course each "idiom" is the metting point of a translators team (free
name) and a "language" (iso representation) to allow multiple translations
and splits.

* Each idiom would then have a list of authorized commiters

* Each new/modified item in the original idiom would be flagged as "not
translated" in all idioms. Each team would then receive by email a list of
what's new to do, for example when you insert new strings 7 and 8, idiom3
team would receive:
    1)    "Known spammer"
    2)    "This is Great Software"
and so on.

* On the idiom3 home page, you'd have:
    - a list of "what's not been translated yet"
    - a tool to browse all items (and search by content in any idiom)
    - an open comment a translation/give a new translation/ that would
      result in suggestions being submitted to the commiters.
    - an export tool (that would give fresh .mo and .po files)

* On the import side it must be automated from the CVS of the project?

Then we'll get translation info circulating fast, corrections easy to make
and overall i18n speed increase, I guess. That's not a project for Mailman,
I guess, but something more general. I wonder why/if it does not exist yet?

-- Fil