[Mailman-FR] Re: [Mailman-i18n] French translation

Martin von Loewis loewis@informatik.hu-berlin.de
Sun, 6 Jan 2002 15:20:53 +0100 (MET)

> No! I think you should be as free as possible to modify anything. The key
> is not to be more stringent on your side, but to be more reactive on the
> translator's side. And it's something difficult because the flow of
> information on what's new/what sould be translated is not easy.

Could you please describe shortly how you are currently doing the
translation. There are already excellent tools available, perhaps you
just need to use them.

For example, for PO files, I could not live without the emacs PO mode,
and the ediff mode. Others prefer gtranslator or kbabyl for that; this
is a matter of taste.

> * I'd like to see an online database, in which each item to be translated
> would be linked to all its translation in all "idioms"

What's an "idiom", in this context?

> * of course each "idiom" is the metting point of a translators team (free
> name) and a "language" (iso representation) to allow multiple translations
> and splits.

I cannot follow. What is a split?

> * Each new/modified item in the original idiom would be flagged as "not
> translated" in all idioms. Each team would then receive by email a list of
> what's new to do, for example when you insert new strings 7 and 8, idiom3
> team would receive:

Shipping po files automatically is certainly a thing that can be done
easily. If you want, the Translation Project (TP), at


can offer maintainance of the PO files. This would result in the
following procedure:

1. Barry submits the PO template to the TP.
2. The TP robot merges it with all previous translations,
   and announces it to all teams; the assigned translator gets
   a copy of the merge result.
3. the assigned translator updates the PO file, and submits it
   to the TP robot. This archives the file, and forwards it to
   Barry for inclusion.

>     - a tool to browse all items (and search by content in any idiom)
>     - an open comment a translation/give a new translation/ that
>       would result in suggestions being submitted to the commiters.

Are you sure that this kind of collaborative work would actually
simplify things? I'd expect that there will be no more than one active
translator for each language, so offering collaborative work does not

> Then we'll get translation info circulating fast, corrections easy to make
> and overall i18n speed increase, I guess. That's not a project for Mailman,
> I guess, but something more general. I wonder why/if it does not exist yet?

On the automatic distribution of catalogs, it exists; this is what the
Translation Project does, for PO files, or the Debian translation
project for HTML files. On the collaborative work part, this does not
exist, IMHO, since nobody wants to use it.

I'd suggest that you get in contact with your language team within the
TP; maybe they can offer their experience.