[Mailman-i18n] Italian translation (is it complete?)

Mauro Cicognini mcicogni@libero.it
Sun, 06 Jan 2002 17:01:38 +0100

"Barry A. Warsaw" wrote:

> >>>>> "DB" == Daniel Buchmann <db@bibsys.no> writes:
>     DB> Well.. I've already answered it.  It was displayed correctly
>     DB> in my mail client (Netscape Mail), but I can see the posting
>     DB> in the archive is a mess...
> It was a mess in my mail reader too. :(  VM 7.00/XEmacs 21.4.6

Sorry guys, I was using one of those web mailers and it looks like this
particular mailer sends the actual message text base64-encoded, for
reasons that currently escape me.
I'm now writing with Netscape and telling it to restrict to plain text, so
I hope it will display properly everywhere.
I'm putting the i18n list in cc: again to see what happens.

I'm wondering, would there be any reason to hack around this misfeature
within Mailman?

>     DB> There was another question it that I didn't answer.  Mauro was
>     DB> wondering what the "preferred" way of reporting bugs was.
>     DB> SF bug tracker? Mail to mailman-developers? Mail to you,
>     DB> Barry?
> If it's a translation bug then mail to the language translators
> directly, or to mailman-i18n@python.org is the best thing to do.
> If it's a bug in 2.1alpha, then email mailman-developers@python.org;
> I'll definitely see it there, and it's helpful to let other developers
> see it as well.

> If it's a bug in 2.0.x, then the SF bug tracker.  While I've been a bit
> lax in clear that out, it'll be a major push of mine once 2.1 hits beta.
> Cheers,
> -Barry

Thanx for the clarifications Barry, in fact I think I might have hit a bug
in 2.1a4: but how do I know it hasn't been reported by someone else? I
know I might browse the mailman-developers archive, but wouldn't it be
better and easier if the SF bugtracker were used for this, too?

Coming to translations and helping out: I'd gladly do it, and if Simone
Piunno is reading this he can contact me to lend him a hand.
The problem is, my workstations tend to be Windows boxes, so emacs isn't
really an option... a web based thing would be best, actually, so that
registered translators could go check the status and fill in the blanks...
something simpler than the idea described by Fil in the parallel thread on
French translations would suffice, though.

I'm just imagining a web page with the original english messages and text
boxes aside them: some of them would be blank, some (most) would be
filled... translators (obviously authenticated in some way) could add
and/or modify, the other people could just see what's there and possibly
download a snapshot.
But I guess it would be a lot of work to put up such a system just for
this :-(

Anyway, this was my 2c. Thanks again to everybody.

Mauro Cicognini