[Mailman-i18n] Italian translation (is it complete?)

Barry A. Warsaw barry@zope.com
Sun, 6 Jan 2002 16:09:20 -0500

>>>>> "MC" == Mauro Cicognini <mcicogni@libero.it> writes:

    MC> Sorry guys, I was using one of those web mailers and it looks
    MC> like this particular mailer sends the actual message text
    MC> base64-encoded, for reasons that currently escape me.  I'm now
    MC> writing with Netscape and telling it to restrict to plain
    MC> text, so I hope it will display properly everywhere.  I'm
    MC> putting the i18n list in cc: again to see what happens.

    MC> I'm wondering, would there be any reason to hack around this
    MC> misfeature within Mailman?

In general, I don't want to add lots of hacks for buggy mailers or
readers.  That path leads to insanity. ;)

    MC> Thanx for the clarifications Barry, in fact I think I might
    MC> have hit a bug in 2.1a4: but how do I know it hasn't been
    MC> reported by someone else? I know I might browse the
    MC> mailman-developers archive, but wouldn't it be better and
    MC> easier if the SF bugtracker were used for this, too?

Don't worry if it's already been reported.  The alphas are changing
every day (almost) so I don't expect anybody to totally keep up  with
it.  A little duplication at this point can't hurt.  Once we're in
beta though, the pace of changes should slow down so at that point SF
bug tracker is probably more appropriate.

    MC> Coming to translations and helping out: I'd gladly do it, and
    MC> if Simone Piunno is reading this he can contact me to lend him
    MC> a hand.  The problem is, my workstations tend to be Windows
    MC> boxes, so emacs isn't really an option...

Don't be so sure!  Both Emacs and XEmacs runs on Windows, AFAIK.
    MC> a web based thing would be best, actually, so that registered
    MC> translators could go check the status and fill in the
    MC> blanks...  something simpler than the idea described by Fil in
    MC> the parallel thread on French translations would suffice,
    MC> though.

What do people think about the Translation Project that Martin pointed
to in a different thread?  I'd be happy to go through the hoops to
register Mailman and run the translation project through them, but I'd
like to have buy-in from all the current translators.  I don't want
Translation Project folks stepping on the toes of you guys.