[Mailman-i18n] I wanna join in Brazilian Portuguese Translation Team.

Barry A. Warsaw barry@zope.com
Thu, 27 Jun 2002 22:27:35 -0400

>>>>> "DT" == Danny Terweij <danny@terweij.nl> writes:

    >> Please!  If any translators for your language are unreachable
    >> and you want to take over, let me know.  If I can't contact
    >> them, I will make you the champion.

    DT> Well , like i said.. no reponse from the Dutch translator.  I
    DT> have almost ready the /templates/*.* translations for the
    DT> 2.1b2.

Thomas has been busy for a while, so if you want, we can make you the
current Dutch champion.
    DT> They are in beta stage at my mailmansite.  But all the web
    DT> pages looks ugly now :-) english and dutch mixed.  The email
    DT> responders are almost completly dutch and my users and list
    DT> admins are very happy at this translation stage.

Cool.  I'll take whatever you've got.

    >> On a wider note, perhaps we're going about this all wrong and
    >> we should migrate to The Translation Project for management of
    >> the MM

    >> translations?  I'm all ears for hearing about how to make your
    >> jobs easier.

    DT> Maybe a manual : How to create a *.po file :-)
    DT> ( i did read some i18n stuff but all was spaghetti for me).

I'm going to create the Dutch infrastructure in cvs now, so if you do
a cvs update, you'll get the basic framework.  I'll copy
messages/mailman.pot to messages/nl/LC_MESSAGES/mailman.po to get you
started.  Couldn't be easier, eh? :)

    DT> If some one can help me to explain how the *.po files are
    DT> generated then i wil give a try to translate the whole mailman
    DT> to Dutch....  Maybe this helps: The mailman linux machine is
    DT> just a RH7.2 and installed obly the text interface.  I have
    DT> also linux RH7.3 installed on a other machine (dualboot) with
    DT> X and KDE desktop.  I am going to look for Emacs, maybe i can
    DT> learn something :-)

Ok. :)  I'm not sure if your Emacs will come with po-mode.el, but if
not, you'll need to either install the gettext package (which might
have it) or grab the latest version from the Translation Project.

    >> So if you have translations in the works, feel free to send
    >> them to me.  "Release early and often" applies here too. (well
    >> not /too/ often :).

    DT> Okay, when i finished the templates part.. i'll send it to you
    DT> (that is soon...).


    >> DT> I am not a linux user first degree, i am only use linux DT>
    >> because some software is just better than M$.  I did not find
    >> DT> a mailinglist manager with a graphical web interface for
    >> DT> win32....

    >> So is the problem that there aren't great translation tools for
    >> Windows or non-Emacs geeks?  I wish I could help more here, but
    >> I'm not aware of any either.  However, some of the work Stephan
    >> Richter has been doing on the recent Zope3 i18n project might
    >> (eventually) serve as a web based platform for translations.

    DT> I am not talking about translation tools, i just using Windows
    DT> Notepad and a girlfriend ;-)

I don't know if that has the same connotation in Dutch as it does in
English, but I understand the smiley!
    DT> There also lot of translation tools for windows platform but
    DT> they are poor.  But like i said, i am going to look at Emacs
    DT> on my RH73 installation. I did install all packages so it must
    DT> be installed by installation time.

Of course, you can get both Emacs and XEmacs for Windows too, so you
may not be constrained by OS.

    >> You might find this a useful resource as well:

    >> http://www.iro.umontreal.ca/contrib/po/HTML/

    DT> Thank you, i'll check that site.

    DT> Thank you Barry, maybe i am the next dutch translator on the
    DT> list :-) I like Mailman .

Excellent!  It'll be fun to see Guido's reaction when we get Dutch
support going. :)