[Mailman-i18n] Subject lines in Archives

Gary Wang quartertone@mac.com
Sun, 31 Mar 2002 19:25:53 +0900

I've got Mailman 2.1.b1 installed, and I was wondering about 
international (specifically Japanese) characters in the subject line. 
When recieving via e-mail (and viewing with a capable e-mail client), 
the subject line, text, etc are all displayed correctly. As a test, I 
put a few kanji in the title and message body, and hopped over to the 
archives.  The kanji/japanese in the body showed up just fine, but the 
subject line became this:
Is this a known bug/work in progress, or is there something I can change 
to fix it?


gary c wang
ICQ: 4343405