[Mailman-i18n] how to encode in iso-8859-9 charset

Martin von Loewis loewis@informatik.hu-berlin.de
Mon Nov 4 23:14:06 2002


I still don't understand your problem. It seems we have difficulties
to communicate, so please don't get annoyed by my lengthy questions.

> ---------------------------------------
> This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
> ---------------------- multipart/alternative attachment
> Merakla beklenen bir se=E7im yasadik. Merakla beklenmesinin sebebi yeni
> y=FCzlerin olmasi ve muhtesem d=F6rtl=FC olarak tanimlanan malum =
> siyaset=E7i
> dedelerimizin bir kisminin siyaset sahnesinden tasfiye olmus olmalari
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> ------------------------------------------

Where does this text come from? Is that some you have entered yourself (if so,
where?), is this a header or footer? Who has created the multipart/alternative
attachment? Can you perhaps send us the original message, ideally in a uuencoded

> This  is  the output  i  get  in  the  pipermail archives, when  i  post a
> message, from   outlook express  with 8859-9 encoding, as you  have
> mentioned , no problem in the  return emails to an  email  client,  such  as
> outlook  express, or etc.the encoding is OKAY,  but ,  the  header and
> footer don't  show up

Which of the following two is the case:
A: The header and footer do not appear in the message sent to each subscriber.
B: The header and footer do not appear in the pipermail archives.

If you have observed B, then this is correct behaviour: the header and footer
is omitted from the pipermail archive on purpose.

>, i  think since  the  message, is in a  different
> charset  than us-ascii- the  footer and  header  don't  show  up.i  just
> get  the message, i  have sent  to  the  list, NOTHING ELSE.
> the  encoding , in the received email  header shows as:  Content-Type:
> multipart/alternative;

Again, I don't understand: First you say that you do not see the header. 
Then you say that the header is transmitted as multipart/alternative.
Which of these is the case?

> _f i  send the message  as  plain text,  it  comes  out- okay  with  the
> header  and  footer  included.
> but you  know than i can't show  the _,_,_ etc.

I can't quote them right now (as elm does not support -9), but please 
have a look at


This message was correctly archived, as far as I can tell. Do you agree?

> the  header and footer are important for me, since i want  to  put some
> adserver tags, in text format.

Ok, it seems that your problem is somehow with the header and footer.
Can you please post the text that you want to use as the header and footer?
Don't hesitate to have this encoded as plain text in iso-8859-9: some
of our mail readers will support this well, as will the archive.

> in  the  archives  -  as you  can  see  above, it shows  quoted,and funky
> characters ,when  the  message  is in  mime  format.
> when it is  sent in plain  text, it  comes  out  okay.

Unfortunately, I cannot see this from above. Are you saying you have copied
this text from a archive web page?

> 1- how  to  show the  header  and footer ,in  outlook ?  when  sending  with
> 8859-9  mime from  outlook?,when  in  non -digest  mode

Can you please send a message that you consider "8859-9" to this list?

It seems to me that this message (i.e. the one I'm responding to) was a MIME
message, and it was encoded as iso-8859-9. So you must be talking about 
something else.

> 2- how  to  make it  look  formatted-presentable  in  the  pipermail
> archives?when  sending with mime 8859-9.

AFAICT, this works fine: no additional configuration needed.

> 1-should i  try  to  put [iso-8859-9] in the   mm-cfg.py to  change
> defaults?

I don't think you should change anything. First, we need to understand what
you do before we can tell you what to change.


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