[Mailman-i18n] Re: progress on 8859-9 charset?

Martin v. Löwis loewis@informatik.hu-berlin.de
Tue Nov 5 19:42:17 2002

"shawn   Erdil" <cerdil@ttnet.net.tr> writes:

> ********************
> If you want to use iso-8859-9 natively on a page, you need to create
> proper Turkish templates.
> **********************
> do  you  mean, that the  pipermail  page,  should  have  the
>    <META http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-9">
> in  the  header.
> is  this what  you  mean  by templates?

Not at all. You need to create a directory templates/tr, copying all the pages
from templates/en. Then you need to add a line

add_language('tr', _('Turkish'), 'iso-8859-9')

to Mailman/Defaults.py. Then you need to select Turkish as the default language
in your mailing list.

>     B-
> did  we  get  any  progress,  can  i  provide  any  help, in  helping  you
> guys   diagnose ,some internalization  problems ?

The steps above should solve most of your problems. It should allow:
- to use iso-8859-9 in all Web pages, and
- to use Turkish characters in headers and footers.

> in my  second  subscription -the  messages  i  get  as  a  non -digest
> subscriber - "FROM  I18N " were  also with  no  message  headers.
> my first   subscription   as  a  DIGEST  customer, gets  the  message
> headers and  footers  with  no problem.
> **any  progress  on  the  message  headers, in  DIGEST versus NON DIGEST
> customers?**

Yes. With Turkish templates, the headers should work fine.

> are  you  , making some  changes  for  the   in  your next version?could  we
> expect, a progress?

Not for the next version, no.


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