[Mailman-i18n] RTL and BiDi

Martin v. L÷wis loewis@informatik.hu-berlin.de
08 Oct 2002 14:53:53 +0200

Arash Zeini <a.zeini@farsikde.org> writes:

> I think we are talking about two different things. Sure the browsers
> display RTL correctly on the word level. The characters are ordered
> correctly, but the sentence as a total or even the word itself is
> not placed on the right side of the browser. Neither forms nor
> fields are mirrored by the browser if the dir attribute is missing.

I see, thanks for these explanations! I withdraw my claims.

> > I see. You should add those to Mailman/Defaults.py.
> You mean in CVS or locally?

I'd suggest that you first get it to work locally - preferably still
without changing the Python code proper. You might find that things
you want to do cannot be achieved, so actual code changes would be

When you have a basically-working infrastructure, feel free to

> As I said I doubt this would be enough by its own. I need to make
> some further investigation adn will try to install a local Mailman
> to test things. I have the latest 2.1bsomething :)

Good! It may be that some people here are more familiar with Farsi,
Arabic, or Hebrew than I am - but don't expect too much help on RTL
issues. When it comes to Python problems, don't hesitate to ask for
advise and help.