[Mailman-i18n] RTL and BiDi

Barry A. Warsaw barry@python.org
Tue, 8 Oct 2002 13:23:55 -0400

>>>>> "AZ" == Arash Zeini <a.zeini@farsikde.org> writes:

    AZ> Again no problem. I would also strongly recommend that you
    AZ> take in KBabel into the README file, as I think that working
    AZ> POT concept without KBabel is a mental turtor :) I may be able
    AZ> to give you some instructions to include in the README file on
    AZ> how to use KBabel. It is defenitly the supreme way of POTing
    AZ> :)

Of course, I'm an old emacshead so po-mode works well for me, but I
just fired up KBabel and it seems nice too.  Then again, I'm a
monolinguist (various high school and college language courses
notwithstanding) so I don't actually /do/ much translating.

I've added a short reference to it in the README-I18N.en file, but
anything more you can provide will be appreciated.

    AZ> OK, here I would say don't wait for us. We are very busy with
    AZ> the translation of KDE and other farsification issues, but we
    AZ> will try our Best to get this thing going as soon as possible.

Excellent.  I fully expect there to be micro releases of the 2.1
branch and I wouldn't have too much qualms adding non-intrusive
support for Farsi in a micro release.

    AZ> I will keep you and the list updated. I need to make some test
    AZ> first.

Great, thanks.