[Mailman-i18n] Help with Latest changes

Danny Terweij danny@terweij.nl
Tue Oct 29 22:05:25 2002

From: "Barry A. Warsaw" <barry@python.org>

>     DT> Maybe i do this at a wrong way.. but it works fine for me
>     DT> (till big changes as now).
> It's the "big changes" that are exactly the reason why you probably
> want to edit mailman.po in its cvs location.  Those big changes
> usually boil down to easily resolvable differences that cvs can
> automatically merge for you.

Okay, so i must just edit the mailman.po file at the cvs location? 
Then my edit's and the new cvs chanhes are merged?

Damn.. that's easy :) I am windows euh.. Microshit minded :)
Okay, then i loose my latest changes and start over :)

Danny Terweij.