[Mailman-i18n] Help with Latest changes

Daniel Buchmann Daniel.Buchmann@bibsys.no
Wed Oct 30 21:52:24 2002

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On Wed, 2002-10-30 at 22:32, Martin von Loewis wrote:
> > So my edit file is deleted and replaced with cvs version?
> Yes.

Hmm... I don't think so. If you do "cvs update", yes then the file is
messed up, but since Danny did "cvs checkout", nothing happened to his
file, I think..

> You still can reproduce the sequence of actions, by:
> - checking out an old tree, with 'cvs co -D"last month" mailman',
> - copying your .po file over the CVS one,
> - updating to the current tree, with 'cvs up -A' (-A to remove the date
>   tag)

Or, you can:

- check out the current CVS tree to a new location, let's say

- delete mailman.mo and mailman.po from

- copy your translation (which you said were at
/users/mailman-cvs/mailman/messages/nl/LC_MESSAGES/mailman.po) to

- change directory to /users/mailman-CVS/mailman/messages/nl/LC_MESSAGES

- run this command:
msgmerge -o mailman.po current.po ../../mailman.pot

- and then this one, to generate the binary catalog:
msgfmt -o mailman.mo mailman.po

Hope this helps. :)

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