[Mailman-i18n] updates on dutch translations

Rejo Zenger rejo at rz.xs4all.nl
Mon Dec 15 08:24:03 EST 2003


Earlier today I have contacted both Danny Terweij and Sander Steffann as
they are listed as translators for the Dutch language module.

Sander Steffann responded quickly and told me he hadn't submitted any
updates up untill now and he won't have the time to do some work for the
Dutch translation - which definitally needed. You may want to update the
website at <http://mailman.sourceforge.net/i18n.html>.

Danny Terweij did not yet respond. I guess he will.

The reason to contact these two guys is that I would like to participate
in this Dutch language module. But before I start, I would like to know
how you want updates to be delivered. Are there any guidelines?

Thank you,

Rejo Zenger <rejo at rz.xs4all.nl> - http://rejo.zenger.nl - PGP 0x75FC50F3

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