[Mailman-i18n] was vs. they

DIG dig.list at nm.ru
Thu Jul 10 05:56:09 EDT 2003


There is a fragment of text (in $CVS/mailman/messages/ru/LC_MESSAGES):

,--- [ mailman.po ] ---
| #: Mailman/Deliverer.py:158
| msgid ""
| "%(address)s was invited to a different mailing\n"
| "list, but in a deliberate malicious attempt they tried to confirm the\n"
| "invitation to your list.  We just thought you'd like to know.  No further\n"
| "action by you is required."
`----[ ] ---

Is this correct: ``address was invited'' and ``they tried''?
                           ^^^- singular       ^^^^- plural

And almost the same situation at line 177 (same file).

P.S. I can be wrong, though. I am not native English speaker.


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