[Mailman-i18n] Slovenian translation

Iztok Stotl iztok.stotl at guest.arnes.si
Thu May 1 10:56:13 EDT 2003

Hello girlz and boyzz ...

I want to start a slovenian translation of Mailman ...

I have some problems starting ...

I have read the manual 'How to start' from Simone, but I have some 
question about encoding of the .po file.

Which encoding should I use ?

I wanted to use ISO-8859-2 but then the msgfmt complained first and I 
couldn't force it to make the right .mo file (such that could display 
chars correct the page ;)

I got only strange chars instead our local chars ...

The source of the HTML (mailman page displayed in the browser) shows 
that encoding is set OK in the HTML (iso-8859-2) ...

Should I use UTF-8 instead ?

Why doesnt KBabel offer me to save the .po file in my encoding , only 
UTF-8 is to choose ?


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