[Mailman-i18n] German diction of email

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Fri May 9 09:36:01 EDT 2003

On Friday, May 9, 2003, at 05:39 AM, Martin v. Löwis wrote:

> I agree this is a desirable change. AFAICT, the German translation was
> by Peer Heinlein (p.heinlein at jpberlin.de, CC'ed). Unless Peer gives a
> reason why this change shouldn't be made, I'd encourage you to produce
> a systematic patch to all HTML templates and messages.po that carries
> out this change (use diff -c to produce such a patch).

If Martin and Peer don't mind, please send the patch to them and they 
can feel free to just install it (if possible, on the trunk and the 2.1 
maint branch -- I just gave you checkin privs Martin :).

Otherwise, if you send the patch to me, unified diffs (diff -u) are 


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