[Mailman-i18n] indonesian allready using mailman

syafii m_syafii at telkom.net
Sun Nov 16 00:58:42 EST 2003

dear barry and friends.

we are in indonesia had a commit to not using yahoogroups 
any more if we want to make a mailing list, we are now 
have own server mailing list with mailman on it. 

several mailing list in yahoogroups have been migrate into 
groups.or.id (our mailing list server)

please whether if you want to check it, we are now have 
over 500  mailing list ....

please check this : http://groups.or.id/mailman/listinfo

and one thing that we are in indonesia want to develope 
mailman, we want mailman is easy to use and create mailing 
list like yahoogroups one...
but we still need donation for our server, because our 
server is from cherity, my friend's and my teacher onno w 
purbo (onno at indo.net.id) has 'provocate' all indonesian 
people to use our own server wether use yahoogroups.com 

barvo mailman, 


M Syafii
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