[Mailman-i18n] Translation update

Simone Piunno pioppo at ferrara.linux.it
Wed Dec 1 22:14:38 CET 2004

Hi Tokio,

one of new messages is:

"Your confirmation is required to %(verb)s the %(listname)s mailing list"

In MailList.py, where verb can be join or leave.
Unfortunately, in italian this is very hard to translate correctly, because it 
should be:

join:  È richiesta la tua conferma per ISCRIVERTI ALLA lista %(listname)s
leave: È richiesta la tua conferma per LASCIARE LA lista %(listname)s

Not just the verb, what follows changes too.

I think the GetConfirmSubject method should be split over two methods: 
GetConfirmJoinSubject and GetConfirmLeaveSubject, so they can have the 
complete subject template without need of the verb parameter.

See attached patch.

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