[Mailman-i18n] Icelandic translation

Oli oli at edal.net
Wed Feb 4 11:14:13 EST 2004

Hi Barry,
I noticed Sveinki's message in january on the Icelandic translation and got
in touch with him. 



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On Thu, 2004-01-08 at 05:04, Sveinki wrote:
> Hi there:
> I've been working on translation/adaptation of mailman for Icelandic. 
> Not too straightforward, the messages being buried in various files. 
> But I've done most of the customisation necessary to publish a 
> newsletter in icelandic.

As Bartosz Sawicki says, README-I18N.en has the most extensive instructions
on the process.  You should not have to edit any .py files.  All files you
need to translate are the templates/en/*.{html,txt} files, and the
mailman.pot template file.

I've cc'd oli at edal.net who is the last person that contacted me about an
Icelandic translation (see www.list.org/i18n.html).  Can you two please work
together on this?


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