[Mailman-i18n] greek/hellenic support?

Pabs pabs at cat.org.au
Fri Feb 6 04:58:32 EST 2004

Hi mailman, imc listwork folk,

I'm from the group that manages the indymedia list server

One of our users requested information on whether or not mm supports the
greek/hellenic language (charsets Windows 1253, Iso 8859-7, UTF8). I
realise that there is no greek translation yet (perhaps we could get an
army of indymedia greeks to work on it, but that is another email), but
can anyone answer the message below, or tell us what is required to
support these charsets?

>From chatting with some people on #mailman I seem to understand that the
main problem will be the archiver. Can anyone recommend one that handles
the required charsets properly (would also need to support at least
chinese and korean)? We have been looking at changing to use the lurker
archiver, will it handle this multitude of charsets, and any gotchas we
shouldbe wary of?

Please keep the listwork cc in your replies, thanks.


PS: we have some non-i18n patches for you, that I've yet to split up
properly (some of them conflict), but they're here:

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Date: 5 Feb 2004 08:01:32 -0000
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Subject: [Listwork] RE: [IMC-Tech-Announce] IMC list outage

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>Subject: RE: [IMC-Tech-Announce] IMC list outage
>The listwork team is planning an outage of the IMC lists system on
>Feb 9th/10th 00:00 GMT. We will be taking things down to upgrade to a
>newer more robust mailman. Please be aware that any mail that you send
>to lists.indymedia.org will be spooled and delivered once things are
>up, but expect to not receive email for a few hours while we perform
>the upgrade and do some integrity testing.
>If you have any questions or concerns, we will be working on
>irc.indymedia.org in channel #listwork.
>Thanks for understanding!


Hello Micah,

Thanks for the announcement.

We are still waiting for some sort of reply regarding the use of the hellenic/ greek language on the email lists, for the needs of some of the cyprus imc-group. It' s been more that a year, actually it's been since just before the previous big upgrade that we've had any help from the listworks group about this.

We asked for help several times and then just kind of gave up seeing there was no response. But perhaps there's new people and techologies now, is this what your letter means? If so, can you please include a few extra minutes to have a look at the problem? Now that there will be an upgrade, perhaps it's a good opportunity to solve these problems?

It refers to this:
I order for us to use the hellenic/ greek language on the lists, the email- server must be given some instruction to allow for the language character sets to be activated. In general, for internet use these three sets cover just about anything published in the hellenic/ greek language:

Character set: Greek Windows 1253
Character set: Greek Iso 8859-7

A significant detail is that apparently the Subject heading of the emails is transmitted (encoded?) in some special way and so the character sets need to be activated especially for that function as well. Otherwise, the entire letter is sent correctly while the Subject comes out in an alien language.

A third detail is that the online display of the email list archives suffers of the same problem, the server needs to have the three character sets activated as well. Here, we face the particularity that the Subject of the Previous or Next letter is displayed in an alien language unless there is some special activation of the character sets specifically for the Subjext. Worse, is the problem that the title bar (the blue bar at the very top of the browser), which contains the title of the page and contains the Subject of the letter, is also coded separately, and must have the language character sets specially activated for it. An example of this problem is on this page (please look at the top blue title bar):
It can be compared with this page, in which the character sets display correctly:

Anything we can help you with so that you can help us better?
We would be thrilled if someone who works at listwork actually takes some interest again in our needs.

Thank you very much,

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