[Mailman-i18n] Activating Templates?

Daniel Yacob locales at geez.org
Wed May 12 23:20:56 EDT 2004


I've been working on an Amharic translation of Mailman.  Following
the README-I18N.en I updated the Defaults.py and the mailman.pot.
I copied the english templates into a "templates/am" directory for
later.  This worked fine.  Via web I would see the list interface
with an english template and amharic words from the message catalog.

A few weeks later I've updated the templates for amharic, but they
are still coming out as english -!?  I've restarted mailman and the
web server, but to no avail.  Is there some extra step needed to
activate the templates?  Clearing mailman cache or setting extra
variables in a .py file??

thanks in advance,


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