[Mailman-i18n] Translation update for Brazilian Portuguese done

Gleydson Mazioli da Silva gleydson at cipsga.org.br
Tue May 17 22:06:58 CEST 2005


Tokio Kikuchi <tkikuchi at is.kochi-u.ac.jp> escreveu em Mon, 16 May 2005 21:30:21 +0900:

> Yes, we are still working on 2_1-maint.  You have the privilege to 
> commit your change I believe but if you have any difficulty feel free to 
> send me the files in tarball by email.

They are already commited on the 2_1-maint branch :-)

Gleydson Mazioli da Silva
gleydson at debian.org
gleydson at cipsga.org.br

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