[Mailman-i18n] Configuring Mailman for UTF-8 languages

Clytie Siddall clytie at riverland.net.au
Wed Mar 1 06:25:37 CET 2006

On 28/02/2006, at 7:21 PM, Clytie Siddall wrote:

>> You may want to change charset for 'en' from 'us-ascii' to 'utf-8'
>> like this one:
>> http://mail.python.org/pipermail/mailman-users/2006-February/
>> 049300.html

This link says:
> It sounds like your list language is English, the character set for
> which in Mailman is us-ascii, so the digest is sent in us-ascii which
> doesn't support those characters, thus the '?'.
> Try setting the list language to French. Or, if you really need it to
> be English, you can put the following in mm_cfg.py
> def _(s):
>     return s
> add_language('en',    _('English (USA)'),       'iso-8859-1')
> del _

I don't have a copy of mailman on my laptop. Even if I did, altering  
such a file would not affect the online mailing list.

I'm using the online interface to configure a mailing list (kde-l10n- 
vi). Until I can create a Vietnamese localization for Mailman (which  
will be UTF-8):

1. Is it reasonable to suggest that the default for English in  
Mailman be UTF-8? I suggest this because English is the default  
value, so anyone using a language for which there is not yet a  
localization will be using the English interface. Having it at UTF-8  
would fit with the move to Unicode, and would make the English  
interface a viable default for languages not yet represented by a  

2. In a current distribution, if I ask the KDE sysadmins to alter the  
encoding for English to UTF-8, are there any considerations they need  
to take into account? Will that create difficulties for anyone  
receiving the mails in English? (The UTF-8 charset includes ASCII, so  
I'm hoping not.)

from Clytie (vi-VN, Vietnamese free-software translation team / nhóm  
Việt hóa phần mềm tự do)

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