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Thu Jul 5 11:31:55 CEST 2007

Harman Agency

Reverse Modeling, a premier 3D scanning solutions and service provider, has
signed an agreement with 3D3 Solutions, developer of FlexScan3D, to resell
their innovative reverse modeling solution to designers, artists,
manufacturers and engineering professionals. Under the agreement, Reverse
Modeling will offer the FlexScan3D software package nationwide.

FlexScan3D Scanner is a software-based 3D scanner that lets users plug in
virtually any digital SLR camera and off-the-shelf projector to create a 3D
representation of an object for use in downstream applications or rapid
prototyping. Offered at a fraction of the cost of most commercially
available scanner solutions, FlexScan3D represents a shift in the 3D
scanning market toward a more mainstream use of 3d scanners. The ability to
plug in a variety of SLR cameras and projectors means that users have
control over the quality and accuracy of the data, and can have multi-camera
configurations at a much lower cost.

"What makes FlexScan3D unique", says customer, John Thompson, "is that its
flexible and affordable enough that the average modeler or designer can now
capture 3D content without having to invest a lot of money on expensive or
bulky hardware. I plug in my existing SLR and projector and I can capture
everything I need, fast. I'm getting quality data that's better than more
expensive systems."

The addition of the FlexScan3D software gives Reverse Modeling clients a
powerful and cost effective solution for reverse engineering and visualizing
physical objects in 3D space.

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