[Mailman-i18n] Hebrew Mailman Support

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Fri Mar 23 15:01:31 CET 2007

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Hi Dov,

On Mar 23, 2007, at 9:32 AM, Dov Zamir wrote:

> 1) There is no "natural" way to get web pages that do not have an  
> explicit <BODY...> directive to display RTL without changing some  
> code.
> 2) Command line scripts show up backwards and LTR.
> To slove 1), I can add a piece of code to htmlformat.py to either  
> read a new variable called dir from the .po file, and default to  
> dir="ltr" if it isn't defined, or explicitly change it to dir="rtl"  
> if language is "he". How did they solve this in Arabic?

'dir' is a variable in the .po file?  I like the former solution  
better because it is more general.  I don't know which other  
languages than Hebrew and Arabic are rtl, but if the standard  
approach is to define this in the .po file, then I think that's where  
we should be reading that out of.  I don't want to have to special  
case any languages if possible.

A clean patch to fix this should be accepted into Mailman 2.1 (the  
svn trunk probably will generate web pages in a totally different  
way, so only patch that if you feel like it).

> One workaround that I used is to add WEB_BG_COLOR = 'white\" dir= 
> \"rtl' in mm_cfg.py, but it works globally, and changes the  
> direction of pages in any language.
> Solving 2) is much more complicated. I may have to either leave the  
> scripts in English, or enter the text backwards. Seems that  
> entering text backwards will be painstaking to enter extremely  
> dificult to maintain, but not impossible. Again, how did they solve  
> this in Arabic?

Neither of those solutions seems very good.  Unfortunately, I don't  
have any good suggestions.  Perhaps if no one here can help you can  
contact the Python i18n-sig to see if anyone there has better  
suggestions.  I can also ask around on the Canonical lists to see if  
any Rosetta experts have suggestions.  Can you provide a few  
standalone examples?

- -Barry

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