[Mailman-i18n] bounce template - static string

Gabor FUNK FUNK.Gabor at hunetkft.hu
Thu Feb 21 19:10:46 CET 2008


In the Hungarian version of admin bounce mail, I get
"     Teendő:     Feliratkozás disabled."
message, however, "disabled" is clearly not hungarian...

I'm not a python wizard, but for me it seems that the "disabled"
string is static/not translated at __sendAdminBounceNotice in
Bouncer.py, so it might not work in other languages as well.
[If I'm not correct then I wonder why it happens in the hungarian
version then...]

Also subject is not translated, I couldn't check whether is should or not.
[Subject: Bounce action notification]

Also if I can be of any help in the hungarian translation, let me know.


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