[Mailman-i18n] bounce template - static string

Gabor FUNK FUNK.Gabor at hunetkft.hu
Thu Feb 21 22:58:16 CET 2008

>> >I use a debian testing, I doublechecked, I have the the same in the
>> >po/mo files, so that is why I wonder why I receive it untranslated.
>> Are the strings in Bouncer.py arguments to _() as in _('disabled')
>> and _('Bounce action notification')?

>> Does Bouncer.py include the lines
>> from Mailman import i18n

>> and
>> _ = i18n._

As I first quoted, the content is translated - partially, as the whole
bounce message is translated, except the "disabled" word in the line
"     Teendõ:     Feliratkozás disabled."

>> If so, I can't explain why these aren't translated.
That makes two of us..  :-]


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