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Mon Jun 30 16:17:21 CEST 2008

ציטוט Barry Warsaw:
Hi Guys,

Why don't I see Hebrew on the Pootle experimental site. Was I supposed 
to do something to get it there?

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> Thanks Cristobal and Clytie for helping set this up. I encourage all 
> translators to give this a chance so we can decide whether to move to 
> it officially, try something else, or keep the status quo.
> I've added a NEWS item on the wiki pointing to this Pootle instance, 
> and I've added a link on the i18n page. I'd really like to get 
> feedback from folks about whether we should switch or not.
> Ideally, anything we move to would make both translators and 
> developers lives easier. For the latter, Pootle offers a possibility 
> here, since we can hook it up to Bazaar and have it get automatic 
> updates of the .pot file. Although I haven't found it yet, I'm hoping 
> there's one button Mark or I could push to get all the current 
> translation updates whenever we're ready to make a new release.
> But (not speaking for Mark), I think it would be okay for us to go 
> through a little more pain if Pootle is a clear win for translators. 
> The current status quo is far from ideal for all of us.
> For the record, the other option is Launchpad translations. Should we 
> do a fair bake-off between them?
> On Apr 22, 2008, at 10:23 AM, Clytie Siddall wrote:
>>> I'd like to have some ability for cross-project pollination. The 
>>> idea being that it's good to have Vietnamese experts who contribute 
>>> to lots of open source projects, and can learn about Mailman, with 
>>> an easy way to share translations across projects. I don't know if 
>>> that's a typical way translators work though, or if they would find 
>>> it a benefit to have such a system.
>> I agree with you, and I've been trying to work out some way we can 
>> cross-pollinate effectively. As it is, I meet the same people on a 
>> lot of the i18n mailing lists, but there's no coordination of all 
>> that skill and interest. The Translate Wiki, which is associated with 
>> Pootle, tries to create central resources for translators. Maybe we 
>> could work out something with the Wordforge people.
> There's an interesting issue which came up recently regarding 
> Launchpad translations. Cross-pollination has to carefully consider 
> copyright assignments across projects. For example, Mailman could 
> accept translations from any translator that has assigned their 
> copyrights to the FSF. It could also probably accept translations from 
> any other GPL'd program. But if translated strings were suggested from 
> a non-GPL'd program, I think we might not be able to accept such strings.
> Ultimately, it's up to the translator to understand and enforce the 
> rules. But it could cause the Mailman project (or at least the 
> non-English versions of it) a lot of pain if there were license 
> violations here.
>> OK, there's lots of info on how to run and use Pootle here:
>> http://translate.sourceforge.net/wiki/pootle/index
>> If there's any info that you can't find, or any other problems, 
>> please ask on the Pootle mailing list (details at the address above). 
>> The devs are very helpful.
>> Using Pootle is a really good step, because it removes a lot of the 
>> barriers to participation in transation. All a translator needs is a 
>> browser and a Net connection, and s/he can do a few strings at any 
>> time, from anywhere. You can also do part, or all of your work 
>> offline sometimes or always, if you prefer: Pootle is a tool provided 
>> to give you more choices, not less.
>> For offline editing, Linux and Windows [1] translators can also try 
>> the new Wordforge editor (cousin to Pootle), Pootling:
>> http://www.khmeros.info/drupal/?q=en/download/Translation_Editor
>> I've had good feedback on it from some new translators. :)
> Clytie, again, thanks for your leadership here. Cristobal (apologies 
> for the missing accent character ;), thanks for your technological 
> assistance here too!
> - -Barry
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