[Mailman-i18n] Move to Launchpad?

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Mon Aug 31 22:34:01 CEST 2009

Oh, and I really want to give thanks to some people in particular.   
First to Cristobal for his generous efforts in bringing up the Pootle  
service.  Even though it didn't work out, it was a great experiment  
and I appreciate everything you did for us.  Clytie too for pushing so  
hard on use an open source solution for this part of Mailman's  
development (and I'd like to think, the helpful nudges on Launchpad to  
DTRT in open sourcing).

I'd also like to thank Danilo for patiently explaining Launchpad's  
translation service to me.  All errors are mine.

And once again, my thanks to /everyone/ who translates Mailman.  I'm a  
hopeless monolinguist, but I absolutely love that this humble project  
is so well translated and has blazed some trails in internationalizing  
Python projects.  I remember when Tokio sent the first patches to  
display Mailman in Japanese.  I was at a Python conference sitting  
next to Ka-Ping Yee, hacking away on my laptop.  I got the interface  
up and although it looked pretty, I couldn't understand a word of it.   
Ka-Ping was shoulder surfing and was pleasantly surprised to see, and  
confirm, the Japanese web page.  How cool was that?!

So everyone, thanks, and I hope Launchpad will make your lives much  
easier.  As always, please provide me with feedback and I'll make sure  
it gets to Danilo and his team.


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