[Mailman-i18n] New Asturian Internationalization for Mailman

Marcos marcoscostales at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 23:06:33 CET 2009

Hi! Great! Thanks very much for the Asturian entry :D
If you like, you can add my email, don't worry ;) marcoscostales at gmail.com
Yes, please, you can register me as wiki editor.

I have a doubt, I saw in the source tar that the directory "messages"
has 1355 phrases, but the directory "templates" isn't translated (only
in english). Must I translate only the "messages" template? or the
"templates" files too? ;)
Thanks very much for your support and help!
Best regards!

On Mon, Nov 16, 2009 at 10:28 PM, Mark Sapiro <mark at msapiro.net> wrote:
> Marcos wrote:
>>Can you create the asturian language here:
>>http://wiki.list.org/display/DEV/Languages, please? Thanks very
>>Best regards.
> I have added an entry for Asturian. I did not link to your email or add
> any additional info. If you want that, you can let me know or if you
> wish, I can register you as a user of the wiki and give you edit
> privileges.
> I'm sorry that wiki registration is such a pain, but we've had serious
> issues with wiki spam and this is the only way we know to effectively
> control it.
>>PS: I read here: http://wiki.list.org/display/DEV/i18nhowto in "Where
>>your translation lives":
>>"...In /messages, there should be an /xx directory for each language
>>supported, where xx is your ISO-639 language code..."
>>Our language code has 3 letters (ast) :O Is this a problem? Maybe must
>>I create a bug for this?
> Your 3-letter language code is not a problem.
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