[Mailman-i18n] Finnish translation

Joni Töyrylä info at jonitoyryla.eu
Tue Jun 29 09:54:09 CEST 2010

Hello translators!

Im proceeding Finnish translation slowly :)
This is output of translation script atm:
1269 translated messages, 5 fuzzy translations, 81 untranslated messages.

I have few questions!

1) What means non-digest delivery?
2) What means unshunt?
"Cannot unshunt message %(filebase)s, skipping:\n"
3) What means these?
msgid "Resetting %(n)s BYBOUNCEs disabled addrs with no bounce info"
msgid "- This list looks like it might have <= b4 list templates around"
msgid ""
"The list addresses should be written in full mail address\n"
"             format (e.g. mailman at example.com). Do not specify this list\n"
"             address mutually in the exclude list configuration page of 
"             other list, or members of both lists won't get any message.\n"
"             Note also that the site administrator may prohibit cross "
"             siblings."
msgid "[disabled by periodic sweep and cull, no message available]"

Best regards,
Joni Töyrylä

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