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Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Jun 29 17:15:15 CEST 2010

On 6/29/2010 12:54 AM, Joni Töyrylä wrote:
> Im proceeding Finnish translation slowly :)
> This is output of translation script atm:
> 1269 translated messages, 5 fuzzy translations, 81 untranslated messages.
> I have few questions!
> 1) What means non-digest delivery?

Digest delivery is receiving accumulated list posts periodically in a
single "digest" message containing multiple posts. Non-digest delivery
is the opposite - receiving each list post as an individual message.

> 2) What means unshunt?
> "Cannot unshunt message %(filebase)s, skipping:\n"

When Mailman encounters an unanticipated exception in processing a
message, it logs the error and stores the message aside in a special
"shunt" queue. There is a command line tool, bin/unshunt, which can be
used to process the shunt queue after the underlying problem has been
fixed and re-queue the shunted messages in their original queues. The
above is an error message from bin/unshunt saying that in encountered an
exception in trying to restore the particular referenced message to its
original queue.

> 3) What means these?
> msgid "Resetting %(n)s BYBOUNCEs disabled addrs with no bounce info"

When you install Mailman, the make install process runs bin/update. If
bin/update detects this installation is an upgrade of an older version,
it does some tasks to ensure that the lists and other data are
compatible with the current version. If in this process, it finds that
there are list members whose delivery has been disabled for reason
BYBOUNCE (i.e. by bounce processing), but who do not have corresponding
bounce_info instances with information like bounce score, number of
warning notices left before removal, etc., it resets their delivery
status to ENABLED and issues the above message with a count of how many
members it did this for.

> msgid "- This list looks like it might have <= b4 list templates around"

In Mailman 1.0b4 and earlier, the list specific i18n templates for a
list were stored in $prefix/templates/LISTNAME/*. After this they are
stored in %prefix/lists/LISTNAME/*. The above message is from bin/update
when it finds directories like $prefix/templates/LISTNAME/* and prepares
to move them to %prefix/lists/LISTNAME/*.

> msgid ""
> "The list addresses should be written in full mail address\n"
> "             format (e.g. mailman at example.com). Do not specify this
> list\n"
> "             address mutually in the exclude list configuration page of
> the\n"
> "             other list, or members of both lists won't get any
> message.\n"
> "             Note also that the site administrator may prohibit cross "
> "domain\n"
> "             siblings."

or $prefix/Mailman/Gui/NonDigest.py which is where this message appears.

> msgid "[disabled by periodic sweep and cull, no message available]"

When cron/disabled (which normally runs daily) finds a member whose
bounce score is >= the threshold but whose delivery is not disabled
(this happens because the threshold was lowered after the member has a
few bounces), it sets that member's delivery to disabled BYBOUNCE and
sends a notice to the list owner (if bounce_notify_owner_on_disable is
Yes). This notice normally contains a copy of the triggering bounce
message, but in this case, there is no triggering bounce available, so
the above text is put in the disable notice instead.
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