[Mailman-i18n] Fwd: Mailman finnish translation

Joni Töyrylä joni.toyryla at stonelake.fi
Wed May 5 11:38:41 CEST 2010


This is about Finnish translation of Mailman- postlist. I have now fixed 
errors in my local copy. However, i have few questions and remarks. 
Sorry if im posting stupid questions, i rather ask than ignore.

1) At start, thanks for the original translator, it has been lots of 
work and he has done great work! However there were few translation 
errors (rather bad since they occured in admin- indexpage and about 
every page, page header for example). They are fixed. About my skills, 
im not a professional translator but i will do my best :) Im confident 
with python and i think it helps me a bit here.

2) I fixed the errors by searching them from messages.po. Also i fixed 
most of the lines marked as "#,fuzzy". I happily realised that msgfmt 
will inform if translation does not end or start with correct newline 
character (either missing or extra), thats friendly.

3) Question about the Tone of the translation.
In Finnish, i could use normal or more gentle language, which is 
preferred more? At the moment language is normal "mode" but for example 
in error/warning messages its quit harsh for common user. For example:
Native: "You have made a mistake"
Finnish 1: "Teit virheen" (normal)
Finnish 2: "Olette tehneet virheen" (more gentle)
I will use same tone as it has now (normal) but personally i like gentle 
way more.

4) If im not totally sure about the exact meaning of native string i 
will use form "<finnish> (native)". When i know better translation i 
will remove (native) part. This can be also only in my local copy, dunno 
which is better.

5) Natives
-- Is this correct native message? What this actually means? Without 
double "concerning"- word.
#~ msgid "Policies concerning concerning the content of list traffic."

6) White spaces
-- About white spaces, should they be as in native (as close as 
possible) or does it make any difference?
-- How long the line should be, exactly as long in characters as native?
--  For example as in this native:
#: Mailman/Commands/cmd_confirm.py:18
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"    confirm <confirmation-string>\n"
"        Confirm an action.  The confirmation-string is required and 
should "
"        supplied by a mailback confirmation notice.\n"

7) What means stripping here? removing white spaces, removing address or 
domain or what?
#: Mailman/Gui/General.py:163
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Should any existing <tt>Reply-To:</tt> header found in the\n"
"             original message be stripped?  If so, this will be done\n"
"             regardless of whether an explict <tt>Reply-To:</tt> header 
"             added by Mailman or not."

8) Why i get 158 untranslated messages, as far as i know everything 
should be translated?
:~$ msgfmt -cv -o /dev/null 
1192 translated messages, 5 fuzzy translations, 158 untranslated messages.

9) In my local copy i have only en- subfolder in /templates folder. Does 
this mean that finnish translation is missing for all templates?


Best regards,

Joni Töyrylä

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