[Mailman-i18n] Me and Mailman

Eirik U. Birkeland eirbir at gmail.com
Wed May 5 17:25:09 CEST 2010

Hi. Reacting to the point ‘Please introduce yourself, so we get to
meet you, and to find out what you are going to contribute’ I want to
say that my name is Eirik U. Birkeland, and I come from Norway. I have
already (locally) started a Norwegian Nynorsk (nn) translation of
mailman, and am also able to help out with the existing Norwegian
Bokmål (nb) one. I have been involved with several free software
translation projects during the past 3–4 years or so, among them KDE
and OpenOffice.org.

Now for a few questions/comments I wanted to raise:
1. Can somebody formally start the process of adding Norwegian Nynorsk
(nn) as a language in Mailman?

2. Is there demanded a certain amount of work to have a SVN account? I
have one at several of the other projects I’ve been involved with, so
I’m quite familiar with it, and since there is noone else for
Norwegian Nynorsk, so…

3. With the current information in mailman, it gives me and every
other user the impression that Norwegian Bokmål (nb) is the only form
of Norwegian (no), as it is called the latter. Please change the name
to Norwegian Bokmål and the language code to nb.

4. I saw Barry Warsaw write in another email to this list that:
‘Ultimately we're going to move all translations to Launchpad, but
probably only for the Mailman 3 series.’ I just wanted to say that I
would *strongly* recommend you not to. The list of cons with the
Launchpad translation system is longer than you could possibly
imagine. In Norway we have seen several high-quality translations
being virtually ruined by it. Translating over the Internet is a
*much* slower and more ineffective way of doing it than using an
offline translation software, like e.g. Lokalize or Poedit. Using just
ordinar .po files with a statistics system like the one for KDE [1] is
by far a better solution IMHO.

[1] http://l10n.kde.org/stats/gui/stable-kde4/team/

Eirik U. Birkeland

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