[Mailman-i18n] Translating on Launchpad (was Re: Me and Mailman)

Barry Warsaw barry at list.org
Wed May 12 22:45:38 CEST 2010

On May 08, 2010, at 12:04 PM, David Planella wrote:

>I'll answer the bits I can and I'll leave the rest to others more
>knowledgeable on the other questions.

Thanks very much for following up David (and Mark for the clarification on
Bazaar).  This is a great segue for yet another discussion on moving all
translations to Launchpad.

We're definitely going to translate MM3 in Launchpad.  David was kind enough
to help me today with some administrative tasks in setting up our translations
on Launchpad.  While I've done so before, I want to once again propose that we
move MM 2.1 translations to Launchpad as well.  Mark can veto this decision,
but barring that unless there's widespread revolt, I'd strongly like to do it.

Read David's full post for a list of the benefits that we will gain.  For me,
the ability to import .pot and .po files from a branch, and more importantly
export them to a branch, is very compelling from a maintainer's point of
view.  We can either have Launchpad commit changes to the development branches
directly, or as I think would be better, to use a separate branch and have one
of us do occasional merges to the series trunk.  This really reduces the
burden of getting updated translations, and leverages more of the tools we're
already using (i.e. Bazaar).  I also think it will help recruit more
translators, while still maintaining our strict legal requirements.

I also think that those of you who are currently translating do not really
need to change your workflow much, if you don't want to use the LP ui.  You
can still grab the .po file, do your updates in your favorite local tool, and
then you would upload them to LP.  The only thing this change would require
would be a Launchpad account, and I hope that with LP being free software,
that will not be too high of a hurdle.

Current translators, please provide feedback.  I will do my best to find
answers to any concerns, but of course David is much more knowledgeable in
this area than I am and he is here to help too.  I'm setting up some branches
now for the 2.1 translation so I'm hoping that at least some of the
translation teams will be interested in giving this a try.


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