[Mailman-i18n] Finnish localization

Eero Salokannel eero at salokannel.net
Fri Oct 12 19:58:39 CEST 2012

Hey all,

I've been in touch with Joni Töyrylä, the former champion of the Finnish 
localization of Mailman. He told me he's been inactive with the project 
for a while now, and if someone would like to take his part, he'd be 
more than happy. So here I am, willing to take charge of the Finnish 
localization of Mailman.

My localization history: I did a few hundred lines in Launchpad for 
Ubuntu a couple of years ago, and still am a member of the Ubuntu 
Finnish Translators team. I've had some silent time from Ubuntu since I 
haven't got a desktop version of it installed at the moment, only a 
server version. Also I've translated a couple of little programs 
(Asunder and ISOMaster) a few years ago, and am still maintaining those 

I took contact with Joni because I found a few mistakes in the Finnish 
localization. Since Joni asked me to take over, I took a better look at 
the files, and noticed so many flaws that I decided to start from 
scratch. My time is limited because of my family (wife, two kids and a 
dog) and job, so don't expect anything soon, I'm at the moment up to 5% 
on the .po and almost on the half on the templates.

I have only one question at this point: To whom do I send the files when 
I'm done?


Eero Salokannel
eero at salokannel.net
p. 0400 524 520

p.s. Feel free to distribute my email address as the primary contact 
information on Finnish localization matters.

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