[Mailman-i18n] Farsi Translation of Mailman

Mahyar Moghimi mahyar.moqimi at gmail.com
Sat Apr 27 21:18:57 CEST 2013

On 04/27/2013 12:39 PM, Javad Hoseini-Nopendar wrote:
> Dear Mike and Mahyar
> I could finally manage to use POEdit for translating Mailman.PO file. 
> I translated 50 phrases of the file and saved them successfully, but 
> since I am not sure whether or not I am doing the job correctly, I 
> thought it would be better to ask for your confirmation before 
> continuing. Attached please find the sample file and also consider the 
> following notes:
> 1- Mahyar has already translated 300 phrases of version 2.1.14, but 
> since I didn't know how to merge them with version 2.1.15, I ignored 
> those translations and started from scratch from the template file 
> Mailman.POT.
> 2- Mahyar has given me Gnome Dictionary which contains 1300 
> recommended Farsi equivalents for particular phrases, but since it 
> will take about a year untill I can memorize all those recommended 
> phrases, I only reviewed them, but not necessarily used all the 
> recommended phrases. I basically relied on my own experience as a 
> translator with IT grounding.
> Best Wishes
> Javad Hoseini
> www.IranNopendar.com <http://www.IranNopendar.com>
I am very glad that you are so enthusiastic about this and hope the 
project will get somewhere.
1-I am going to merge the two po files and send it to you soon.
I suggest that you use this one, because finally I'll have to do the 
proofread the translations and also merge it with previous proved works.
2- I also highly suggest that you use the dictionary, actually it's not 
gnome dictionary but the gnome folks are using it same as guys in kde 
and ubuntu translation teams. It is of high quality and it was produced 
in "National Linux project" according the "culture and language academy" 
suggestions. And it's almost accepted by the translators. You don't have 
stick to it, sometimes when you feel the need you can use your own 
equivalent but most of it's words are often the best choice.
You won't have to memorize it, you can just use it as a dictionary and 
refer to it when you feel the need.
But believe me, it is your best friend in doing the job and saves you a 
lot of time
3- I looked over your work, it's fascinating and you are doing good, 
just be aware of the zwnj as you type, you should use it in appropriate 
places instead of space.
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