[Mailman-i18n] How to write hebrew in mailman footer

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sun Jan 13 20:58:30 CET 2013

On 1/13/2013 6:44 AM, Shlomit Afgin wrote:
>I have few mailing list.
>In one of the mailing list, I want to add to the footer HEBREW letters, but
> when I do so I'm getting instead of hebrew:

What Mailman version is this?

Is the list's preferred_language Hebrew?

Do you see the above in the footer of messages from the list or only in
the web admin GUI? Note that if you only see the literal HTML entities
in the web GUI, this is fixed in Mailman 2.1.13.

>What are the steps I need to do in order to change only part of one mailing
> list footer to hebrew?

Assuming the list's preferred_language is Hebrew and the HTML entities
above are what you see in the footer of messages from the list, you will
probably have to set the footer with Mailman's bin/config_list. This
requires command line access to the server.

You would prepare an input file containing something like

# coding=utf-8
msg_footer ="""_______________________________________________
%(real_name)s mailing list

Hebrew text including קבו ...

or whatever you want the footer to look like and then run

bin/config_list -i /path/to/above/file LISTNAME

Note that the '# coding=utf-8' first line is required and should specify
the actual encoding of the file.

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