[Mailman-i18n] Updated Polish translations

Stef splewako at aviary.pl
Tue Feb 17 11:19:18 CET 2015

Wiadomość napisana przez Mark Sapiro <mark at msapiro.net> w dniu 17 lut 2015, o godz. 02:08:
> I will be happy to update the current Polish translation, but I'm
> reluctant to change the character set for Polish from iso-8859-2 to utf-8.
> Mailman 2.1.19 will change the character sets for Romanian and Russian
> from iso-8859-2 and koi8-r respectively to utf-8, but these are special
> cases in that iso-8859-2 was never fully appropriate for Romanian and
> I've been convinced that koi8-r is not appropriate any longer for
> Russian, but there are serious issues for existing lists in these
> languages that may have string valued attributes in the old character
> set in their configurations. There is now code in Mailman/versions.py to
> attempt to find and convert such values, and the code is tested, but
> since I have no real world lists in those languages, I don't know how
> well it works in practice.

> If you want the final to use utf-8 for Polish, you can file a bug at
> <https://bugs.launchpad.net/mailman/+filebug> and argue for it there.
> There are pros and cons for converting Polish. I plan to upgrade all the
> mail.python.org lists as soon as 2.1.19 final is released, and there are
> actually a few Polish lists there. On the one hand, this would be a good
> real world test of my conversion, but on the other, I've promised to do
> my best to make the upgrade non-disruptive to existing lists.

It is a noble goal to make upgrades non-disruptive and I second that.

That said, it would be hard to argue about potential configuration issues of lists probably using 2.1.15 version and not updating to 2.1.19 for years… as I simply don't know Mailman good enough for that. I can only remind that ISO-8859-2 is very limited character set that is continuously replaced by UTF-8 and not really good choice even for lists containing only messages in Polish.


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