[Mailman-i18n] [Mailman-Developers] Translation of Mailman 3

Barry Warsaw barry at list.org
Wed Apr 20 09:58:15 EDT 2016

>On 04/12/2016 03:27 PM, Simon Hanna wrote to Mailman-Developers:
>> Hi,
>> I just completed setting up the Mailman 3 projects on zanata.org
>> They can be found here:
>> https://translate.zanata.org/project/view/mailman
>> https://translate.zanata.org/project/view/postorius
>> https://translate.zanata.org/project/view/hyperkitty
>> I'm hesitating to ask people to translate because zanata is really slow
>> and I'm afraid of scaring people away from translating mailman in the
>> future :D
>> Anyhow, I'm writing to ask for your opinions.
>> What do you think about zanata? Maybe you can try translating a couple
>> of things and report how you feel about it.
>> I stumbled across a few other open source solutions:
>> https://translatewiki.net
>> http://pootle.locamotion.org/
>> https://demo.weblate.org/
>> This mediagoblin issue discussed some alternatives when they switched
>> away from transifex. https://issues.mediagoblin.org/ticket/913
>> There seems to be a pootle server run by gnu itself.
>> https://chapters.gnu.org/pootle/
>> What do you think?

From a project standpoint, we have a few considerations.

We're a GNU project, so we have a hard requirement that any service we choose
must run on free software.

From my own perspective, I'd like to separate out what we as project leaders
and developers care about from what translators care about.  Meaning, we
should be able to extract the pot file and templates and upload them whenever
it makes sense from a project standpoint.  Translators can do their job on
their own schedule and don't need to be tied directly to project milestones.
To the extent that we have to include any translation artifacts in the
software we release, we should be able to get a snapshot when needed and just
include it in our release.

Then all I care about is that translators are happy enough with the system
that they'll actively translate!  It does us no good if the service is too
painful for translators to use.  As a monolinguist, I don't really have any
insight into that. ;)

We need a Mailman 3 translation champion, someone who understand the technical
and more importantly, social issues involved, and can spend time and energy on
helping bring a good story to fruition.  I'm happy to give wide latitude to
the champion to help shape a solution that works for us.  Maybe that's you


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