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Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Apr 26 12:58:27 EDT 2016

On 04/25/2016 08:24 PM, Klaus Puchstein wrote:
> Hello to all,
> the***more 'friendly-sounding' translations*is, what Iwanted.
> It's good for the quality ofthe software. I think, more people will use it.
> Thanks for quick reaction.
> Klaus Puchstein

It is not possible for me to evaluate your suggestion, as I can't
understand the German language.

Google translates

Sie/Du als Absender sind/bist nicht Mitglied der Liste -- E-Mails an die
Liste sind aber nur für Mitglieder erlaubt! Wenn Sie/Du aber
trotzdem die Moeglichkeit bekommen hast/haben, an diese Adresse zu
antworten, leiten wir Deine/Ihre Mail gern weiter.

to English as

You / you as the sender are / not are a member of the list - emails to
the List are allowed but only for members! If you / But thou
still the possibility you get / have to to this address
respond, we will forward your / your email gladly.

Clearly this is a bad translation, can you provide a better one.

However, my concern is it seems to say something that might not be
generally applicable to all list's desired treatment of non-member
posts. Whatever change is made to the translation upstream is going to
affect all German language notices for non-member posts to all lists in
all installations and must therefore be generic and address only why the
message was held, not what will be done about it.

Also, you seem to want some change to the postheld.txt template too.
This template

> Ihre Mail an "%(listname)s" mit dem Subject/Betreff
>     %(subject)s
> wird zurückgehalten, bis der Listenmoderator Ihre E-Mail genehmigt.
> Der Grund, weshalb eine Genehmigung erforderlich ist:
>     %(reason)s
> Entweder wird Ihre E-Mail in Kürze freigegeben und über die Liste
> verteilt, oder Sie erhalten eine Mitteilung über eine Ablehnung durch den
> Moderator.
> Sie können diese E-Mail *zurückziehen*, solange sie noch nicht
> verteilt worden ist. Wenn Sie NICHT mehr verteilt werden soll,
> besuchen Sie den folgenden Link:
>     %(confirmurl)s

is used for the user notification of any held message regardless of
reason. It can't contain anything that is specific to a non-member post
because it is used for other reasons as well.

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