[Mailman-i18n] Hungarian language template files for Mailman 2.1.23

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sun Nov 13 03:35:48 EST 2016

On 11/12/2016 09:09 PM, Mark Dale wrote:
> Hi Mark,
> You can disregard the text file edits from the customer. The Diff was
> just a change in one of the files replacing the first line with
> hard-code. I've reverted it back to the original text file (on our
> installation) that was in the 2.1.23 release. The remaining odd
> characters that I mentioned were from an "umlaut" that I'd missed in the
> HTML files.
> So, it looks like the HTML file cleanup that you've done is all that's
> needed for the next release.
> I've attached my templates/hu/ directory anyway.

OK. I did notice some issues with the files you sent. Several but not
all of the .txt files were recoded as utf-8. This is wrong. Mailman's
characterset for Hungarian is iso-8859-2. That means all the templates
and the mailman.po message catalog must be iso-8859-2 encoded.

As far as the .html templates are concerned, it is best if the non-ascii
characters are represented as HTML entities and this avoids the issue of
'?' replacements because the web server overrides the encoding defined
on the page, but the .txt templates are generally used in email which
will have a defined encoding of iso-8859-2 so utf-8 encoded templates
will be garbled and HTML entities won't work.

I also noticed an issue with the .html templates. There are two
iso-8859-2 characters in these templates that do not have 'named' HTML
entities. These are

Hex F5, o double acute (ő)
Hex FB, u double acute (ű)

You represented these as õ (õ) and û (û) whereas I think
they should be represented as the numeric entities ő and  ű
(see <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Double_acute_accent#Unicode>).

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