[Mailman-i18n] Polish language template files

Mark Dale mark at mailmanlists.net
Wed Jan 18 23:02:58 EST 2017

Thank you Mark. This has been an education.

Although I may be headed in the opposite direction of what you have been
saying, my thinking is that Debian is seemingly geared for UTF-8, so
with that in mind I've loaded the language templates and message files
(UTF-8) from the latest Debian Mailman package (extracted from the .deb
file) to the server.

Things now appear to be okay, with the webpages, emails, message
archives - now displaying correctly for all the languages - including
Greek and Japanese.

I read the threads that you pointed me too, in particular the one
regarding the qrunner. My understanding from reading it is that the
issue of bad unicode characters causing problems doesn't apply after
version 2.1.21 due to the patch you committed. Did I get that right?

On 19/01/17 12:51, Mark Sapiro wrote:

> Recent Debian Mailman packages have changed Mailman's character set for
> all languages to utf-8. They have changed the definition of add_language
> in Defaults.py from

Yes, I am seeing that in the Defaults.py

def add_language(code, description, charset, direction='ltr'):
    LC_DESCRIPTIONS[code] = (description, 'utf-8', direction)
add_language('pl',    _('Polish'),              'iso-8859-2',  'ltr')


> So, basically in your Debian Mailman, everything is supposed to be utf-8
> encoded. In your case however, something in the way the Mailman package
> was installed did not pick up the utf-8 encoded templates for Polish and
> perhaps other languages.

This explains why I'm seeing the issue also in:

> Do you have overriding templates in a templates/site/pl or
> templates/<domain_name>/pl or even in lists/<listname>/pl directories
> that are not utf-8 encoded?

No, there are no <site>  or <listname> directories or files under
templates/ - only the <language code> directories


> So I think the bottom line here is you have Debian's
> <https://anonscm.debian.org/viewvc/pkg-mailman/trunk/debian/patches/91_utf8.patch?view=markup&pathrev=788>
> patch in your installation, but somehow you didn't have Debian's recoded
> utf-8 templates.

I've now downloaded the most recent Debian Mailman package (with the
UTF-8), extracted all the language template directories and loaded them
to the server (replacing all the ones that were there already).

All the languages I've listed above that I was having trouble with are
now all good (including Greek) - for both the web pages and the emails.



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