[Mailman-Users] Multiple copies of messages?

Barry A. Warsaw bwarsaw at CNRI.Reston.Va.US
Sat Aug 1 01:14:28 CEST 1998

>>>>> "WB" == William Bradford <mrbill at frenzy.com> writes:

    WB> My users are getting list posts more than once (twice, three
    WB> times, sometimes four or five copies of the same messages).

Dang, I suspect there are still problems with the SMTP support.  I'm
not up on that part of the code so for now, I'll leave it to Ken or
John to look in to.

    WB> Never ran into a multiple-subscribe-ack problem (I added all
    WB> my users manually, from another list software), but I also
    WB> found that if I tried to add more than 25 users at a time or
    WB> so I'd get error occurances with messages on the web page like
    WB> "Operation would block", etc.  That, however, may be a DEC
    WB> UNIX limit problem and not a MailMan problem.


    WB> DU 4.0D / Sendmail 8.9.1 / Python 1.5.1 / MailMan 1.0b5,
    WB> compiled with GCC (egcs 1.0.3a).

    WB> Currently, until I can get the multiple-posts problem fixed (I
    WB> myself was getting the posts twice) I've got all my users back
    WB> on Procmail/Smartlist.  8-(


If nothing happens on this front over the weekend, I'll dig in.


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